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I just got back from a combination dual-honeymoon/Dad-Retirement vacation with Rebecca, my parents, and my brother and his wife. I'm not sure what to say about it, at least in between "it was good"/"I am so tired" and a several section treatise.

The trip:


I want to make less 12-hour flights in my life.


We spent two days and nights in Rome, including one day and one night with a private tour guide seeing the city and major locations. There was no possible way to see enough, but we did go to the Colosseum, one of the catacombs, and St Peter's Basilica, and all were gorgeous. I could have spent a week here. I really need to get through these pictures!

Our tour guide was especially professional.

We also went to the Vatican Museum, with a separate tour guide. Rebecca could have used with less explanations; I found him useful.

Week-Long Cruise

The cruise was from Rome to Rome:

  1. Firenze
  2. Cannes (for the film festival, whee!)
  3. Marseille
  4. Barcelona
  5. (Day at Sea)
  6. Napoli/Pompeii
  7. Rome (and then home)

I could talk about each individual day in great detail if I felt like it, but I don't want to do so right now. Maybe later?

As for the ship: the Norwegian Epic is a monstrously ugly ship, with a capacity of ~4000 people. The ship experience was flawed, mostly because of the sheer scale of things; there were just too many people! The food was good as long as you paid extra for the specialty restaurants, or ate the Indian food at the buffet. The rooms were fine, but so much effort was spent on the balcony rooms that the place was just ugly from the outside. We got acts like the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil instead of (just) standard ship fare, but the shows had technical problems. And I think I'd rather have gratuities not be included.

Returning Home

I wish that killfile.org hadn't died on Day 3. Grr. It's back now, but now I really have to re-double my efforts to move things to the cloud...

The cats were mad at us for only a few minutes.

Overall Thoughts

It really was great having a vacation with my family. It had been a long time, after all; and we do all get along, even the wives. Our great fear was that the Core Skirvin Clan would overwhelm Rebecca and Celeste, but it went pretty well, and nobody killed anybody else.

I'm not sure if this will the Final Honeymoon for Rebecca and myself.

I am happy, and so, so tired.

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